The VIP Beauty Club

We provide a full range of salon services and treatments ranging from waxing to advanced anti-ageing treaments. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality treatments at the very best value in St. John's Wood.


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Please note that prices are subject to change.


Treatment Menu:


Facial Treatments:


A-Lift Facial - Non-surgical  a facelift facial toning | the deluxe anti-ageing facial with immediate results Introducing nano-current technology, a beautiful revolution in age-reversal to 'airbrush' lines! | 60 mins | £79.00



Dermalogica Prescriptive Facial 60mins| £65.00




Express Facial 30mins| £47.00


Dermalogica Men’s Skin care treatment 45mins| £53.00



Rather than looking forward to a quick fix, look forward to really redefining your face.


CACI re-educates rather than freezes expressions. It works on facial muscles, restoring and redefining them, reducing lines and wrinkles along the way, while tightening and toning sagging muscles for a smoother, tauter profile.


CACI SUPER FACIAL 90mins | £90.00


CACI FACIAL 60mins | £79.00


EYE CACI 45mins | £48.00


Hydratone is another popular treatment from CACI International. Designed for those with busy lives who want to keep their skin looking fresh and flawless to the touch! The special conductive hydro smoothing gel mask is infused with hydrating properties helping to tone and hydrate and firm skin.


HYDRATONE FACIAL 30min | £26.00


CACI Facial with hydratone mask 75mins | £80.00


SUPER CACI FACIAL with Hydratone Mask 105mins | £120.00


Course of 10 Super CACI | £851.00


Course of 10 using collagen |£624.00




Chromaclear machine combines five functions; micro-dermabrasion, light therapy, vacuum massage microdermo percussion and micro-vibration. It has been specially designed to treat acne, blemishes, scar tissue, wrinkles and stretch marks, leaving skin diamond like!


45mins | £59.00




Eyelash Tinting 20mins | £18.00


Eyebrow Tinting 10mins | £15.00


Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting 30mins | £28.00


Eyebrow Shape 15 mins | £18.00


Eyebrow Tidy 10 mins | £14.00


Eyebrow Trend 30 min | £29.00 – includes shape and long lasting brow tint






Eye brow shaping 15 mins | £18.00


Eye brow tidy-up 15 mins |£14.00


Full Face Threading 20 mins |£22.00





EYELASH ENHANCEMENTS using 'Queen' of Lashes Sue Marsh Eye Boutique couture strip lashes.

Celebrity loved and designed to use from the salon to your trend destination! These unique bespoke lashes are unlike any that you have tried before. Carefully designed and handcrafted, yet remarkably easy to apply.

They contain flashes of colour that will brighten, widen and accentuate your eyes! - All of the lashes are predominantly black half strips with the option of a blue, brown, purple or burgundy infusion.


Eye Boutique lash fitting lesson and Eye Boutique Lashes £20.00


Long Half lash is priced £10 per pack

Short Half Lash is priced at £10 per pack









Standard Manicure 30 mins |£20.00


Standard Pedicure 40 mins | £32.00


Pedi-relax is a full pedicure combined with the touches of a heavenly foot massage - 60 mins |£63.00


Deluxe Manicure (paraffin wax included) 45 mins | £34.00


Deluxe Pedicure (paraffin wax included) 60 mins | £44.00


French Manicure 40 mins | £22.00


French Pedicure 45 mins | £38.00


Reshape & revarnish 20 mins | £16.00



Popular with the A-list is the 3 week manicure using the famed Artistic Colour Gloss method, available in the latest season colours to match each and every wardrobe!


For hands (includes a full manicure) - Upto 75 mins | £45.00


For feet (includes a full pedicure) - Upto 90 mins | £55.00


Luxurious Foot Treatment - 30 mins|£42.00|45 mins £56.00| 60 mins £65.00




Fashionable amongst many celebrities is the Celebrity Secrets spray tan. 


Full Body 30 mins|£33.00


Half Body 20 mins |£22.00






Full Leg Wax (including the bikini line) 45mins|£40.00


Half Leg Wax 30mins| £19.00


Three Quarter Leg Wax 40 mins| £34.00


Thigh & Bikini Wax 20 mins| £29.00


Extended Bikini Wax 20 mins| £18.00


Bikini Wax 15 mins| £12.00


Brazilian Strip (cold) Wax 30 mins| £29.00


Brazilian Hot Wax 30 mins |£35.00


Hollywood Wax (cold strip) 35 mins|£31.00


Hollywood Hot Wax 35 mins | £37.00


Underarm 15 mins| £10.00


Full Arm Wax 30 mins| £22.00


Half Arm Wax 20mins| £16.00


Three Quarter Arm Wax 25mins| £17.00


Hands 10mins| £7.00


Face 30mins | £22.00


Upper Lip or Chin 10mins | £8.00







5 Mins| £15.00| 15mins £22.00|30mins £34.00


PUSLSAR (IPL) INTENSE PULSE LIGHT TREATMENTS are also available (from £79, per session, per area) - IPL Patch Test is priced at £25.00 (per area) Want to get rid of hair for good?! Contact the salon today for a consultation.




Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is very effective in treating chronic problems such as stiff necks, strained or twisted shoulder muscles, and lower back stiffness or pain.


45 minutes |£56.00 

60 minutes  |£65.00


Indian Head Massage  - 30 minutes |£42.00  



Body Foliation | 45 minutes | £54.00

A popular treatment amongst our client’s and St John’s Wood residence and further afield is our invigorating salt glow body scrub! This is an exfoliating treatment, helping to slough away those dead skin cells that you have been modelling on your body over the year!



Love from your VIP Beauty Team! x