Hairy Woman




From the time I watched Julia Roberts reveal her hairy armpits on the Red carpet back in 1999, I always wondered if the pitty (sorry I mean) the ‘Pretty Woman’ star had done this on purpose. Her hairy issue created uproar as she waved casually to the crowd with voices saying nice smile and what a gorgeous red dress, shame about the hairy armpits though! For goodness sake!


What is wrong with a Pretty Woman having hairy underarms??




The French find this seemingly acceptable and sexy. Scientists believe that you can find your perfect soul mate through pheromone smells, maybe that’s how Angelina was drawn to Mr Pitt?!


The British find this a faux pas and would not waft their pheromones this way. Falling into this category I decided to remove my own hair for good with the help off The Beauty Centre, they use the intelligent IPL hair removal treatment.




Traditionally there have been a variety of methods on offer to help remove unwanted hair such as waxing and shaving and electrolysis, but none of these are permanent and they all require frequent treatments.




Using the advanced IPL is (less painful than its predecessors) which works by allowing the pigment contained in the hair to absorb the light produced from the applicator and converts it into heat. Hair is destroyed within 3 to 6 treatments which means the hair is gone for good! Delighted with this news I rate this treatment 10 out of 10 and you will too!


Prices start from £69 per session (per area). It is advisable to book a consultation patch test.





This is a Celebrity Beauty Stalker story.