Full of Eastern Promise 


It was almost like Bollywood Royalty had arrived in town down at the plush Beauty Centre in St John’s Wood. Turning down a cordial invitation to an Ayurveda beauty event was a treat that I would not dream on missing out on, even the Sanctum of my soul wanted to learn more about holistic Ayurveda!


The Beauty Centre has been a long time beauty-haunt of mine, where I go to spill my life stresses (which sometimes does take a lot of trips), I’m grateful for their friendly ears who help restore my body and mind just by listening. Upon that evening it was not the Champagne and Canapés that warmed me up, it was the gentle heat from the guests who stood next to me in that beautifully fragrant room.


Was I missing out on a secret? How could it be that even their smiles lit up like a roaring fire?! My softened smirk was a confused one which was immediately rescued by Ayurveda scholar Sunita Passi.


Sunita loosely explains the ancient Indian healing system of Ayurveda to my tired mind and how it can benefit my health and then presents me with her colourful new Tri-Dosha line.


This was all still very early learning for me, so the very thought of thinking about products that can help balance my body’s equilibrium immediately shifted the ache in my head and blossomed my smile!


Passi puts me to the test with simple questions that helps me discover which ‘dosha’ I am, (apparently there are three Vata, Pitta and Kapha). And caring for your ‘dosha’ is as important as brushing your teeth! I fall into all three which means that I am a sensitive soul and need to protect it. And don’t I know it!


Truth be told, I always used Lentil soup for my soul but Passi tells me that the ancient bean would simply not be enough.


The glamorous scholar kits me out with her new inspiring skincare and promises me that Ayurveda will help balance out my life. Great! Here’s hoping that it will help balance out my bank balance too!!


Celebrity fans that use Ayurveda in their lives stem from Supermodel Helena Christensen to Hollywood siren Gwyneth Paltrow.


You can experience Ayurvedic treatments and pick up the Tri-dosha line at The Beauty Centre.


This is a Celebrity Beauty Stalker story.