Eye Boutique will make your eye-colour burst!

There’s a new ‘eye drama’ fluttering across London and the leading lady whose behind this ‘eye-catching’ episode is Sue Marsh. This foxy lady is no-damsel in distress and you won’t need to fast-forward this to find out where this story ends!

All you need to do is watch the ‘eyes’ of the famous, as many of the A-list reveal what is so-bewitching about Marsh.

Holding the number one position in the eye-lash chain, she winks with pleasure, each time a flirty eye-contender tries to mussel in, to try and steal her crown!

I’m blinking with a smug satisfaction at Sue’s latest creation! – Eye Boutique is what we have all been waiting for! Mon Dieu!! Couture strip lashes (black half) strips available in blue, brown, purple or burgundy that will make eyes light-up like a fire work! Eye Boutique lashes are priced at £8, and these lashes are only to be applied with the hypoallergenic adhesive (£8) – The other Eye Boutique accessories to buy is the unique easy lash holder (£15) for a no-fuss application along with stylish magnifying mirror priced at £10.00 – Eye Boutique will make your eye-colour burst!


You can buy Eye Boutique and book in for a lash fitting at The Beauty Centre.


This is a Celebrity Beauty Stalker story.