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Although we are a traditional salon with the best prices for individual treatments in SJW, we also have a unique membership scheme..

The VIP Beauty Club Membership is a monthly membership that has quickly developed into becoming the ‘Mother of all Memberships’ and is not only proving to be a hit with the NW8 beauty-set but is also creating a beautifully huge frenzy nationwide too!

So what’s in the deal? – Well, it’s the real deal! And it’s a best valued and unique scheme in the country today and not to be missed out on!


          The VIP Beauty Club NW8

The three affordable ‘VIP Memberships’ are; Gold, Platinum and Black and are all made-up of über-hip cult beauty VIP treatments that are all celebrity favourites including the must-have 3 week manicure, Red Carpet pedicure, futuristic facials and the latest hair removal system, just to name a few!


Got an eye-lash dilemma? No problem! We have the answer!


Stressed out in the city? Don’t be! Becoming a VIP member will ease away your stresses and strains, you won’t even remember the pain!


And that’s not all!!


Becoming a member also allows you to take up the advantage of receiving discounts on all of your must-have grooming products!


The VIP Beauty Club culture is irresistibly infectious! - So much so, that the A-list along with fashionistas are all following in the foot-steps to join the beautiful ‘VIP’ bandwagon!


So! What are you waiting for?! Join the fellowship of the VIP beauty ring! What package will you choose?




Includes: Facial, Massage and IPL (hair removal)


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