Our Gurus

Queen of Lashes, Sue Marsh

Sue Marsh ‘Queen’ of lashes.


Over the past six years, Sue Marsh has gained a global reputation for her work with eyelashes. She is the celebrities’ best-kept secret and the beauty editors’ favourite for bespoke eyelash and eyebrow treatments.


Now firmly established as the ‘Queen of Lashes’, she is constantly innovating and pioneering new lash-enhancing treatments, new eye-beautifying products and new tools to be used with these. Her latest technique involves ‘lifting’ and tinting the eyelashes to imitate perfectly the effect that she creates with her famed eyelash extensions.


Before she turned her attention to eyelashes, Sue Marsh was best known for her outstanding work in nail design. She was the true pioneer of nail art, with two books published on the subject, and she has worked with top celebrities, models and designers the world over. Her archive of the many, extraordinary nail looks that she created over the years is testament to her illustrious career in this field. In 2005 Sue retired from the nail industry to focus her full attention on revolutionizing the eyelash enhancement industry.


Sue continues to work at the highest level, both with her celebrity client list and on ground-breaking new products. She is an established innovator of Lash Design.

Sunita Pass founder of Tri-Dosha

Sunita Passi founder and creative director of Tri-Dosha


Ayurvedic therapist Sunita is an expert in the field. She had her ‘eureka’ moment, coming up with the Tri-Dosha concept in 2005. Not only did she train in Ayurveda (ancient India holistic health system) with the best in India but continued to study in Ayurveda, meditation and holistic health, researching for over ten years.


Sunita’s knowledge, forward thinking and ability to create solutions for natural skincare and wellbeing through Ayurveda is pretty unique. This innovative approach has resulted in a fantastic range of luxury products based around naturopathic and holistic principles.


Sunita’s life passion and commitment to health and wellbeing through Ayurveda has led to Tri-Dosha becoming a one-of-a-kind company, helping people all over the country, as well as abroad.

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother!

Pinnacle Fitness and Health is founded by the Sotiri brothers Anthony and George. And their dedication to sport - health is principle in what they deliver under the professional Pinnacle Fitness and Health umbrella.

Anthony is a North London based Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist with over 12 years of experience working at the top end of the industry. In this time Anthony has had the pleasure of training many different types of clients, ranging from A-list celebrities to busy executives as well as children and their mothers. Anthony’s natural aptitude has resulted in being head hunted by the finest crop of London health clubs. And as a result can boast a very impressive client base.

He is a fully qualified Sports Therapist that provides a truly holistic training experience that is fundamentally customized to match his client’s needs.

Anthony says "I believe in the importance of establishing a strong and friendly rapport with my clients based on mutual trust. I pride myself on working closely with all clients to ensure that my personal programs are tailor made, goal orientated and full of variation in order to keep you motivated and focused. This is the key to achieving realistic and long lasting results."

George is a highly qualified Osteopath previously working with David Lloyds as well as the Private sector, treating musculoskeletal/ sports injuries for the past 6 years. He is a notorious expert within his field and is a popular choice with his distinguished clientele.

"My goal is to help each of my clients achieve their maximum level of well-being. I believe in the importance of educating the patient to help understand their diagnosis and treatment plan, so that they have a clear understanding of their problem and what measures they can implement into their daily routine to help with recovery. I love treating people and seeing how, regardless of their age or condition how my treatments can help to improve their lives."

Pinnacle Fitness and Health are now available at The Beauty Centre. Contact the salon on 0207 586 1513 or email vipclub@the-beautycentre.com for further details.