The Beauty Centre has been at the heart of St. John's Wood for over 25 years. We have had a few makeovers along the way to keep ourselves looking beautiful and we have always been providing the best treatments and services to our loyal clients.

We pride ourselves on having a very close, personal relationship with our clients and have always strived to create a real sense of community..

As a beauty salon we have chosen to offer time proven treatments and products that we know work. 

From beautiful manicures, spa-pedicures, immaculate waxing and brow treatments to the most soothing and calming massages and facials that produce fantastic results! We do it all! 


We also offer many of the latest treatments such as IPL and the most effective anti-ageing treatments like CACI Facials and the celebrity special A-Lift which is creating a huge beauty buzz!


We look forward to treating you! x



Loved By The Press!

"I love using my VIP Membership card, in my rare beautiful time!” - Anisha Vasani - Editor Asiana Magazine


"Who would imagine that you can now live the New York beauty-lifestyle in London?!" - Celebrity Beauty Stalker


"The VIP Beauty Club is my numero uno beauty destination!"

Sunita Mukhi -  Luxury Bag Designer